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eBeam Interactive Whiteboards

Luidia creates interactive technology for capturing and sharing ideas. eBeam's Engage™ technology is a comprehensive solution for educational instruction while the Edge system allows users to transform and flat surfaces into interactive and collaborative workspaces. These great technologies are now available from AVIVA Rentals Systems, LLC for purchase.

eBeam Engage™

eBeam Engage™ interactive whiteboard device combines more than ten multimedia and navigation tools in one sleek console to make lesson delivery effective and fun. Key highlights include:
  • Plug and play
  • Makes lesson delivery fluid
  • Puts frequently used tools within arms reach
  • Keeps focus and attention on content
  • Improves navigation with customizable links to commonly used applications, folders, files and URLs and scroll knob
  • Wireless keyboard eliminates need to toggle between computer and interactive surface
  • Simple installation requires no special skills or tools – usable on existing surfaces
  • Records sound and video in real time with one-touch recording button, built in microphone and line in/out ports
  • Provides two built in USB ports to attach additional peripherals to the console

Click to view the eBeam Engage video

eBeam Edge Projection

Lightweight, portable and oh-so adaptable. eBeam Edge Projection transforms flat surfaces into lively interactive workspaces.

Place it on traditional whiteboards, walls, tabletops and even glass. Install it in minutes. Draw freehand in vibrant color, annotate on Microsoft PowerPoint documents and use tools that help focus attention on meeting content. Everything can be shared live, saved and reused.

The eBeam Edge works with any projector and Windows computer. It comes with a lightweight stylus and powerful interactive software.

  • Measures less than 8 inches
  • Weighs less than 4 oz.
  • Easy and flexible installation options
  • Activates the largest image area in the market - up to a 9' x 5' (123" diagonal) projected image
  • Can be placed along any "edge" of the board
  • Integrated receiver magnets make attaching to a metallic board a snap
  • Includes stainless steel mounting plate for no-fuss installation on non-magnetic surfaces
  • Smaller than a regular whiteboard marker
  • Three-button stylus with left and right click and instant access to eBeam software tools
  • Newly designed hardware and firmware allow for virtually no lag time between pen and pixel

eBeam Edge Whiteboard

Don’t let those great ideas walk out the door. eBeam Edge Whiteboard turns anything written in dry erase marker into a permanent digital file.

You can turn your whiteboard into an innovative tool that can be shared instantly with coworkers across the globe. No one needs to waste time recreating data after a meeting. Everything is saved instantly. Intellectual property is stored forever. An archivable paper trail is created permanently.

eBeam Edge Whiteboard works with a whiteboard and any Windows or Mac computer, and requires no projector. It comes with special dry erase sleeves and powerful collaborative software.

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